Partition Manager


Personal Edition

Professional Edition

Key Features



Basic partitioning

Advanced partitioning

Setup and maintenance multi-boot environment

Correct boot problems


Simple backup of partitions/disks

Restore partitions/disks/separate files

Paragon Hot Processing Engine

Easy-to-use User Interface


Updated! MS Windows Vista support, including 64-bit editions


Basic Partitioning Features



Create Partition



Format Partition


Delete Partition


Undelete Partition

Assign/Remove drive letter

Change Volume Label

Mark Partition as active/inactive

Hide/Unhide Partition

Test Surface

Check file system integrity

Convert file system

Advanced Partitioning Features



Move/Resize Partition



Redistribute free space

Install New OS Wizard


Merge Partitions

Convert Dynamic Disks to Basic



Update MBR


Change Primary Slots



Make Partition Logical/Primary


Change SID



Change serial number


Change Partition ID



Change cluster/root/boot size


Downgrade NTFS version


Backup/Restore Features



Backup System and Data to an archive


Paragon Hot Backup Support


Hot Backup of Dynamic Volumes


Backup to local drive/external USB or FireWire drive


Backup to Network

Restore System and Data even from bare-metal state



Linux/DOS recovery environments

Restore partition with resize

Partial Restore

Copy Features



Copy Hard Disk Wizard

Copy Partition Wizard

Incremental Copy


Copy with resize

Boot Management Features



Multi-boot environment

Easy activation/deactivation

Hidden mode


Default settings and boot on timeout

Defrag Features



Monopoly Access mode


File system optimization strategies by three parameters (file date, file size, directory order


Optimization of the page file and the hibernation file allocations.

Defrag MFT


Shrink MFT


Easy-to-use and service Features



File Transfer Wizard for Windows


Initial Backup Reminder

Work from Master CD (without install)

Virtual operations

Show pending operations

Updated! Disk Editor


Volume Explorer

Partition List

Disk Map

E-mail notifications


Hide to tray during performing operation


Shutdown on completion

Supported Operating Systems:



Windows Vista (both 32-bit and 64-bit)

Windows 2000 Pro, XP Pro (both 32- and 64-bit)

Licensing and Support



Paragon Support Service type



Agreement term

30 days

60 days

First Reaction time

3 business days

3 business days

Number of licences